Peter Marshall

City of London, (C) Peter Marshall, 1993

Peter Marshall has always been fascinated by cities and his first published work was of the alleys and flea markets of Paris. In the late 1970s he photographed extensively in Hull, looking at the changes there as the fishing industry collapsed and large areas of inner city were redeveloped.

For the last twenty years he has documented London, photographing both the people and events there and also the architecture and urban landscape. The work in this show is taken with a panoramic camera, which gives an angle of view of roughly one third of a circle, providing a different insight into urban spaces and demanding different ways of working.

Unlike most panoramic photographers, he seldom works from high and distant viewpoints, preferring - as with his pictures of people and events - to work from a close viewpoint. There is often a tension between a classical coolness - in part dictated by the peculiar perspective of the camera and the need to retain horizontality - and the effect of this close approach and exact choice of viewpoint in rendering or eliminating space.

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