Zen is the Chinese way of accomplishing the Buddhist goal - seeing the world as it is. Unlike other forms of Buddhism, Zen believes that this goal cannont be obtained through gradual practice but must occur through direct and immediate insight. The vision of truth is communicated by direct pointing' - literally be made to see without the intermediary of workds. The aim is to observe whatever my be happening, without passing judgement.

In the mind of many in the West, some meditative practices and certain intensely focused pursuits have become associated with a Zen-like approach to life. This exhibition is about the things you can't necessarily see and the thoughts you do not want to voice. It's about meditation and the spiritual - religious or otherwise. Its about the sublime.

But the focus is firmly on cities. The urban experience dominates all our lives, so let's take time to consider its impact.

Artists have found many ways of pursuing their vision but two clear apporaches may be detected: the PASSIONATE and the CALM. In the exhibition a room is devoted to each of these temperaments.

Within the context of cities they are also two seemingly opposed perspectives:

  • The panoramic - a kind of meditation at the top
  • The journey - down to earth travelling through cities

more - the artists and their work

Japanese calligraphy is by Akemi


Zen and the art of cities


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