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These links are specifically for London. Please email the if you know of other links that might be added.

Claims 250,000 pages of useful information about architecture, architects, and the RIBA - mainly offsite.
Architectural Dialogue
a not-for-profit cultural organisation, publications, talks, visits in London
The Architecture Foundation
News of projects etc
Art & Architecture Journal
Art & Architecture promotes collaboration and interaction between artists and architects and urban design interests.
The Buildings of London
Includes typical as well as notable examples. Peter Marshall
Great Buildings
Architecture of London, England - information on over 30 buildings in London.
Images of England project
Some often disappointing images of London from this project are now online.
London Architecture Links
On line links to a wide range of information about London architecture from Willard McCarty, King's College London.
London's Industrial Heritage
From the 1970s and 80s, mainly on London's riverside. Peter Marshall
Held one weekend in September. Contact addresses and thumbnails of some London buildings. Included a searchable database of open buildings.
Workshop for Architecture and Urbanism
Links to lists of buildings and 4 maps covering Whitehall, Knightsbrigde, Kensington, Hammersmith, West End, Camden, Hampstead, City of London and London Docklands.
Public lettering
A site based on a walk by Phil Baines in Central London to examine examples of public lettering. Excellently illustrated and informative.


Oliver Bevan - Urban Realist Paintings
Good illustrations of Oliver Bevan's fine paintings and lithographs of city scenes and people, together with some texts about the work and details of his courses.
The text and works of Tom Phillips RA
Text and images by Phillips on this regularly updated site.
Tom Phillips - A Humument
A companion to 'A Humument', Tom Phillips' treated version of a Victorian novel.
Michael Heindorff - Looking down on the City of London
39 outstanding birds-eye views of the City drawn in 2002 by Michael Heindorff, including views from the view at the top of nine City of London churches and a number of city offices.


London Photos
Photographs of London events, people and landscape. Peter Marshall
HENRY DIXON'S LONDON: photographs of a changing city 1866-1893
Dixon photographed London's threatened buildings in the 1870s and 80s for the Society for Photographing Relics of Old London.
The Zetetic Website - Photographs by Alexander Brattell.
Pictures of London streets and buildings from the early 20th century.
John Davies - Photographer
John Davies's documentary landscape photographs from Britain and Western Europe are observations of the changes taking place to our populated environment.
Manuela Höfer Portfolio
Includes work from her 'City Perspectives' which began as a commission on New York for Hassleblad, but has since been extended to other cities, including Paris, London, Berlin and Frankfurt.
Urban Landscape
Devoted to urban landscape photography, this new site intends to display fine work in the genre and critical essays.



Street Tree
An environmental organisation dedicated to planting high quality trees in London streets.






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