Paul Baldesare

Shopper, Oxford St. (C) Paul Baldesare, 2001

Paul Baldesare's major photographic work over the past decade has been on English Carnivals, inspired by the work of Tony Ray-Jones, but he has also carried out a number of projects in the city, notably his extensive study of people on the tube where he found some wonderful and occasionally disturbing moments.

As well as showing a finely developed sense of humour, his pictures also give us an insight into the way we now live. About his latest project, Baldesare writes:

'These images are part of a new project photographed in and around Oxford St in Central London. This is no ordinary street but one of consumerism's great thoroughfares. It is dirty, noisy and confusing and the often-pressurised environment produces sudden moments of tension and taut energy. This results in unexpected visual juxtapositions, people thrown together in this busy and hostile space, creating isolated and fragmented moments. In themselves, these can often seem unprepossessing, but viewed as a whole they becomes a more complete and clearer narrative.'

As Baldesare suggests, Oxford Street is one of the central arteries of the modern city. He has avoid any simplistic portrayal of a herd of consumers. The people in his scenes paint a more real and more complex picture, as well as often amusing us.

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