Artist’s Residencies in the City

Many artists harbour in the back of their minds a dream project they would dearly love to carry out, but are prevented from doing so due to practical considerations. So the years go by, until finally, on his deathbed, the poor artist is heard muttering: ‘If only I had done this or that…’

The London Arts Café initiative ‘Artists Residencies in the City’ was set up to help rectify this situation. Under this scheme, selected artists were given a chance to ‘reside’ in urban locations of their dreams, and create work inspired by the site. The result was then made public in an exhibition at the end of the residency.
Two artists have been chosen to inaugurate the programme:

The painter Timothy Hyman was given a grant, enabling him to ride the London Eye time and time again. He has also been given the keys to other tall structures in London, such as Guy’s Hospital.

The painter and installation artist Joanna Whittle* was given an opportunity to create an ambitious installation on the no. 38 bus route between Clapton Pond and Piccadilly Circus.


More details:

The London Mappa Mundi: Timothy Hyman

Urban Trees: Joanna Whittle’s survey along the no. 38 bus route

The exhibitions resulting from the residencies were held at the Terrace Gallery, the Museum of London, in December 2004.

We currently do not have the funding for further residencies.

*Joanna Whittle replaced Helen Eger who had to withdraw.





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